Starting from today EL Mexicano & Grill welcomes you to come enjoy one of our new Tapas Platters! Plenty of choice between meat, fish, vegetarian or mix them up.

Finger food platter
Nice with having a drink. Combination of ham, cheese, salami, marinated olives, nuts, Dutch crunchy meatballs and jalapeno poppers. Served with tortilla chips and salsa.

Lekker met een drankje. Combinatie van ham, kaas, salami, gemarineerde olijven,  nootjes en tortilla chips met salsa, bitterballen,  jalapenos gevuld met roomkaas.

Vegetarian mix
Platter with vegetarian spring rolls, guacamole, a vegetarian wrap stuffed with hummus, marinated olives and jalapeno poppers. Served with tortilla chips and salsa.

Vegetarische mix
Plankje met vegetarische mini loempia, Guacamole,  vegetarische wrap gevuld met hummes en tortilla chips met  salsa, olijven en gepaneerde jalapenos gevuld met roomkaas.

Platter from our butcher
Coppa di parma, salami, albondigas, tortilla chips with salsa, carpaccio and dates stuffed with chorizo wrapped in bacon. Served with tortilla chips and salsa.

Plankje van de slager
Coppa di parma, salami, albondigas, tortilla chips met  salsa, carpaccio rol en met chorizo gevulde dadels  omwikkled met spek.

Fish platter
Shrimp skewers, breaded squid rings, wrap with smoked salmon and bread with tuna salad. Served with tortilla chips and salsa.

Spiesjes van garnalen, gepanneerde inktvisringen,  tortilla chips met salsa, wrap met gerookte zalm en  brood met tonijnsalade.

Cheese platter
Platter with various types of cheese, white and brown bread, apple syrup, walnuts and olives. Perfect to combine with a red port.

Plankje met diverse kaas soorten, wit en bruin brood,  balsamico stroop, walnoten en olijven. Heerlijk te combineren  met een rode port.

Single tapas
Deep fried butterfly shrimps
Albondigas (meatballs)
Mozzarella sticks
Jalapeno poppers
Hot wings
Vegetarian mini spring rolls
Deep fried onion rings
Conch croquette
Two chorizo's with tortillas
Dates with bacon and chorizo
Breaded squid rings
Marinated olives
Hummus with tortilla chips

Losse tapas
Gefrituurde butterfly shrimps
Albondigas (gehaktballetjes)
Mozzarella sticks
Jalapeno poppers
Hot wings
Vega mini loempia's
Gefrituurde uienringen
Karko kroketjes
Twee tortillas met chorizo
Dadels gevuld met chorizo en bacon
Hummus met tortilla chips


Fathers day 2017

Father's day 2017 EL Mexicano & EL Grill Curacao

This year you can choose between four amazing specials at EL Mexicano & Grill. You can go with our amazing half a kilo (1 lb) hamburger or choose any of our grilled or Mexican specials. All specials come for the amazing price of NAF. 29.50 (Us$ 16.86).

Of course, we also serve our regular menu.

"Dia di papa, Father's day, vaderdag, Dia del Padre, Der Vatertag"

Share this page and tag a friend who you would like to dare to eat the whole Burger and make a chance to win one FREE 1/2 KG Burger on Father's Day!

1/2 KG Hamburger

This Father's day EL Mexicano & EL Grill offers to all our fathers and family a huge half kilo hamburger! Our homemade burger is made from real quality grounded beef tenderloin (lomito) and rib-eye meat. Served on a fresh homemade bun with cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato, pickles and crispy bacon! On the 18th of June only for NAF. 29.50

Are you bringing your father to EL Mexicano & Grill and challenge him to eat the whole burger?


  • The burger is for one (1) person only and may not be shared.
  • Only 100 burgers are made. Reservation only!
  • Special price only valid on 18th of June 2017

Make an early reservation now by filling out the form below. Reservations can be made online until 17th of June 2017. After 17th of June please call (+5999) 4611056

Father's day Mix Platter

Don't want to miss anything? The Father's day mix platter consists of a skewer with beef tenderloin (lomito), a chicken skewer, and a grilled pork chop. Served with french fries and a side salad. All this for only NAF. 29.50

Land & Sea Special

Prefer a combination of meat and seafood? The land & sea father's day special at EL Mexicano & Grill offers you a beef tenderloin (lomito) skewer and shrimp skewer. Served with french fries and a side salad for only NAF. 29.50

Papa Chicken Fajita's

Go Mexican on father's day? Choose for our father's day chicken fajita special. A hot skillet with bell pepper, onion, and the most tender chicken breast fillet. Served with a side salad with fresh guacamole, pico de gallo and lettuce, sour cream, and three flour tortillas. On father's day only for NAF. 29.50

We still have a few seats and burgers available! For last minute reservations on (+5999) 4611056


MAMA eats FREE on mothers day 2017

El Mexicano & Grill is back with an amazing special on the 14th of may 2017. If 4 or more people take Mama out for lunch or dinner, Mama can choose between 10 free main courses:

  • Nachos ground beef: Warm tortilla chips covered with ground beef and melted cheese. Served with salsa Mexicana, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream and jalapeno peppers
  • Dradu filet: Filet of mahi-mahi served with french fries and salad
  • Lady beef tenderloin: A nice 150 gram cut of beef tenderloin (lomito) served with french fries and salad.
  • Shrimp fajita’s: Sizzling hot skillet with bell peppers, onion, and peeled shrimps. Served with a side salad with fresh guacamole and 3 tortillas
  • Taco’s: Three tacos with your choice of ground beef and/or chicken, served with lettuce, guacamole, cheese, sour cream, rice, and fries.
  • Mixed pinchos: One beef skewer and one chicken skewer served with french fries.
  • Land & Sea: Porkchop and peeled shrimps served with french fries and salad
  • Chicken fajita’s: Sizzling hot skillet with bell pepper, onion, and chicken breast tender. Served with a side salad with fresh guacamole and 3 tortillas.
  • Chicken Satay: Chicken skewer with peanut sauce, served with prawn crackers, dried onions, acar, and fries.
  • Chicken quesadillas: Two big crispy tortilla’s stuffed with chicken, onion, and bell peppers. Served with rice and sour cream.


  • Promotion only valid on 14th of may 2017
  • Minimal three other people at the table have to order a main course from the a la carte menu
  • Only 1 free main course for every 4 people. This means as follows:
    -4 people = 1 Mama eats free
    -8 people = 2 Mama eats free
    -12 people = 3 Mama eats free
  • Promotion only valid on a reservation made before 11 AM (morning) of 14th may 2017.

Reservations are possible trough facebook or you can call at (+5999) 4611056